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BASIC - We Are Church Promo

BASIC We Are Church

Francis Chan

Released 2011
This nine-session small group experience is designed to take your small group deeper into the content of the final four BASIC films. Each DVD includes expanded content not found on the individual film discs.

Are we doing church the way the Bible instructs us? Are we supposed to gather in a building once a week to sing a few songs and hear someone else talk about God? Are we really supposed to take Communion facing forward in silence, eating dry wafers and drinking wine from tiny plastic cups? Is that the church Jesus asked His followers to create?

Join Francis Chan as he encourages Christians to examine the early church and consider returning to the concept of church described in the Bible.

Each kit includes:

  • - Disc 1: FELLOWSHIP film and two exclusive study sessions
  • - Disc 2: TEACHING film and two exclusive study sessions
  • - Disc 3: PRAYER film and two exclusive study sessions
  • - Disc 4: COMMUNION film and three exclusive study sessions
  • - Disc 5: Tips for leaders, sermon and teaching outlines, video clips, promotional videos and print pieces for church use, and more.
  • - Six WE ARE CHURCH Follower's Guides, written specifically for use with this small group kit

  • Additional Follower's Guides are sold separately.
BASIC We Are Church


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  • BASIC We Are Church
  • BASIC We Are Church

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