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Ed's Story - Series Trailer

Ed's Story Complete Series

Ed Dobson

Average runtime: 10 min
A seven-part film series about hope, featuring Ed Dobson.

This DVD includes all seven films: It Ain't Over, Consider the Birds, Be There, My Garden, Ask Forgiveness, Grateful, and Healing .

It Ain't Over - Ed reminds us that life isn't over yet and that we don't have to feel overwhelmed by the struggles we're facing today. Difficult news can sometimes make us feel like our lives are over. Ed shows us that we don't know the future, and that things may turn out quite differently from what we expect.

Consider the Birds - Tomorrow is not guaranteed…for any of us. When we worry about tomorrow, we often miss out on the beauty, richness, and fulfillment of today. Could living for today be what’s best for us, and could it even free us from the worries of tomorrow?

Be There - When those close to us suffer, it's only natural to want to help. But what do you say when someone's life falls apart and suffering becomes their reality? How can you show you care?

My Garden- Many of us find our identity in what we do. But what happens when our career comes to an abrupt end? What happens when that job is no longer there? Are we still ourselves? Does our identity change? A pastor for many years, Ed struggled to adjust to a life without the pulpit. He eventually discovered there is much more to who we are than what we do. Could it be that change is an opportunity for a renewed sense of purpose?

Ask Forgiveness - When Ed was told that his life would be over in a few short years, he found his priorities drastically rearranged. He wanted to mend relationships that may have been broken. He decided that relationships were way more important than who was right and who was wrong. Ed discovered that forgiveness is an issue that requires humility. He also discovered a transforming experience for all involved. Could the power of forgiveness lead to a better world around us?

Grateful - Ed has said that he wouldn’t wish ALS on his worst enemy, yet even in the midst of his own diagnosis, he has chosen gratitude. When we are faced with suffering, or when our loved ones suffer, it can feel impossible to be grateful. Sometimes our situations seem too difficult or too painful for us to be grateful for anything. Ed and his wife, Lorna, have learned gratitude, even in the midst of the challenge of becoming a caregiver, and a care-receiver. Ed and Lorna teach us that it is possible to wake up every day and honestly say, “Lord, thank you for waking me up this morning.”

Healing - Ed discovered that in the Bible there is a difference between being cured and being healed. In this film Ed and his wife, Lorna, share there struggle with a search for a cure for Ed's disease. In the process they discovered the beautiful and profound meaning of what it means to be healed.

SUBTITLES: Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, German, English, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

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