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Annual Fund

This is what helps us keep the lights on and supports general needs of running the Flannel shop.

Ed's Story

Help us finish Ed's Story.

Next Flannel Film

These funds are reserved specifically for development and production of future Flannel Films.

Free Flannel Films

Help us make these films available to people who cannot afford to purchase them.
See who's watching our films right now.

God on Campus

A series that visually captures the dynamic story of God's work on college and university campuses, uncovering the remarkable spiritual roots of our past, and then thoughtfully conspiring together about the future.

One Time Gift

We appreciate you giving your hard-earned money to support what Flannel does.

Recurring Gift

Monthly givers are the life-blood of Flannel. Your commitment to give monthly allows us to continue making films and impacting lives.
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If you would like to give a gift that is not shown, please call Deb Blackport at 616.222.0063.